You know that friend you really only contact when you want something?

Hey, you’re busy. And those third-baseline seats don’t gift themselves.

Anyway, we all need to be super nice to the Putrajaya Lake for a while.

Or just until we can bum-rush the show at Flyboard Malaysia, the flyboarding fantasyland that these sweltering days beg for. It’s open, and all wet, and cool right now.

You’re sticky. Your office’s A/C is putting particles into your lungs doctors won’t even know are lethal for another 20 years. Let’s just get a mass sick day going, ideally to be commemorated upon arrival with the call of “Cannonball” by a portly young lad. Don’t fight this.

Details? Somewhere on Putrajaya lake there’s a large area with magical boards that project water downwards, so you move upwards. It’s kind of like the hoverboard from that Back To The Future movie, except you get cooled off at the same time, and it sprays water everywhere.

The point is you get to fly around, on a board, on water. Yeah, you’re welcome.

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The forecast for today is looking much brighter, and wetter. 
Bring a swimsuit, and some sunscreen lotion.

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