Hello and welcome to the first meeting of the Swing Dance Debate Society.

The topic:

Swing dance is no longer any fun

A group of “turned-up” individuals waving flaming bottles of champagne and fist-pumping to Tiësto.

The Swing Instructor, a curvaceous and extravagant dancer, with shined shoes, now available for your debauching pleasure.

And she does make a compelling case.

See, she's made things involving swing dancing so much simpler. No longer do you have to trek across town, to that one bar with swing classes, she will now teach you and your partner at any location you please. Looking good, but...

As the class progresses, the music tempo increases. Quite soon you will know basic moves, which don't look basic to the untrained eye. You will soon make attractive people in heels, and shined shoes, envious of your skills, and the fun you're having.

Sometimes, being able to do more than "the twist" is all you need.

Perks At This Venue

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About The Swing Dance Instructor

She's one of the best Swing dancers in Asia.

And now she's doing house calls, only for members of The Revelry.

Opening Hours

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