The Print Room KLPetaling Jaya

Some nights you don on your superhero outfit and fight crime in the dark seedy underbelly of your town.

A ruse. A cleverly contrived smoke screen for your one true (yet to be discovered) calling.

Which is taking handsome portraits that can contend with those of Annie Leibovitz. Obviously.

At Print Room KL, you’ll kick it old school. How old? Back to the times before Instagram and smart phones. That’s right. The only filter you’ll be working with is natural light.

There’ll even be a darkroom and chemicals present, so it’s closer to your night job that you think.

You get to keep your masterpieces, and considering most of the shots have never been seen before, we trust it’ll make a fine addition to the photography section of your coffee table and/or bookshelf.

Don’t tell us you don’t have a photography section.

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About The Print Room KL

Maximize the efficiency of any camera you have.

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