Fencing With Yu PengPetaling Jaya

You like things that say what they are.


Lunch boxes.

Nasi Goreng.

Battering rams.

Grilled cheese.

Hang gliding.

And now, this...

Olympic Sword Fighter, like Yu Peng.

This is, hands down, the best fencer in Malaysia. Not only is he ranked as one of the top 75 fencers in the world, but he's the only Malaysian person to every have competed in the Olympics.

We can prove it too, seeing as how much media there was covering the 2014 London Olympics.

That's right... London baby.

Or should we say darling?

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About Fencing With Yu Peng

Yu Peng is ranked on the top 75 of fencers, globally.

He competed in the 2014 London summer Olympics.

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