With the help of this guy, your future dates should go well.

Let's look at the facts...

"Fatboy" Tony is the best drummer in Asia

We're not sure where his name originated, but there is no doubt about his technical, and musical know-how.

You probably heard a few of the songs he's in, or has produced. He had a hit last year, with Najwa Mahiaddin, called After The Rain, where he does both vocals and instrumentals as half of the duo, JUNY.

He produces music for, and plays with some of the best artists in Asia.

That last fact was more of an opinion

But that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't true, and many in the music industry would undoubtedly agree that he could be the best drummer in the region.

He's played with huge artists all over the continent

We already mentioned Najwa Mahiddian... we did not mention Thaitainium, and Tia Ray. The former being the biggest hip hop band in Thailand, and one of the biggest in Asia.

Tia Ray is China's darling R&B princess.

How does this connect to Tony? Well, he's currently producing music with them, as well as being their drummer.

We forgot to mention Joe Flizzow. And unless you've been in hiding, you've heard a few of his songs. He's the first hip hop artist to win the Malaysian Grammy, and the winning arrangement was produced by JUNY.

Your future dates will go well after this

If meeting this guy, and telling stories of his feats doesn't impress your date, you have the ability to play some impressive kicks and snares on a drum set.

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He's also played at the Shanghai and Publika Jazz festivals.

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