Bruno Cardoso Barbosa.

Yes, it sounds like a pirates name.

No, he's not a pirate.

He's in fact one of the absolute best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters on the planet. And he's Brazilian.

He's so good that the riot police in Rio De Janero hired him to teach them how to master BJJ. This man has a 3rd degree black belt, and is ranked #7 in the world. That would mean that only 6 people on the whole planet, can beat this guy at his own game... in theory.

He's here in KL to teach you a thing or two about the sport... and it's a private session... and it's happening on a pirate ship.

That last one isn't quite true.

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About The BJJ Champion

Bruno Cardoso Barbosa is ranked #7 on the world BJJ list.

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