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Samantha @ Miko, your soon-to-be dance instructor, has been with the dance studio& since 2008, to be trained as a pole fitness instructor.

After winning a few pole dancing contests, she proceeded to train on aerial silk and hoop, and has become the master trainer of Viva Circus (yeah... circus) and also one of the best aerialists in South East Asia.

She's so good, that many professional performers from Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong come to KL to learn aerial silk and hoop from her.

We'll leave some of her achievements to speak for themselves:

  • Pole Star Championship 2010 (Kuala Lumpur) - Ultimate Champion
  • Vie & Vault 2.0 Asian Pole Championship 2013 (Manila) - Professional Champion
  • China International Pole Dance Championship 2014 (Beijing) - 1st runner up
  • Lead aerialist of Viva Circus Production: Secret of the Lost Circus 2012 in KL, 2014 in HK

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