Some folks know their sh*t. We like that.

Take, for instance, Eng Sin Teoh, who likely knows more about oil, vinegar, wines, and spirits than anyone else in the country.

In 2012, he started Malaysia’s first VOM FASS franchise.

The charmingly rustic flagship location in Mont Kiara is a veritable tasting library of bottles, jars, and casks filled with artisanal foodstuffs: fruit vinegars in a dizzying array of flavors, exquisite olive and nut oils, selected wines, and exclusive spirits like aged rum and absinthe.

Now there are hundreds of VOM FASS stores in dozens of countries, but it was originally founded in 1994 in Germany (vom fass means “from the cask” in German), and offered a twist on the usual shopping experience: customers could sample products, perhaps pair them, and then purchase whatever quantity they wanted, freshly decanted from the cask into a glass bottle.

We’ve got mad respect for Teoh, who transitioned from a very successful engineering career into a stay-at-home dad when his kids were born. Three years after starting VOM FASS, he’s got a couple more branches and two well-adjusted kids.


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About VOM FASS Malaysia

VOM FASS has opened more than 300 stores in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Hungary, USA, Singapore and, of course, Malaysia. Its products often receive recognition at international tasting events.

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