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Admit it. Beyond the inappropriately chinky rap tune that it brought about, the 2006 Fast and Furious film made you want to drift.

But you really don’t want to go through that grueling month of slamming and wrecking beautiful cars against tires by the dock a la Tokyo Drift. And so you let that dream die.

But now there's Blastacars Drift Karts.

The answer to all your safe drifting prayers.

There's a 250-metre track where you can experience the thrill of speed complete with twists and turns and the smell of burning rubber. And all within the comforts of hand-built karts flown in from New Zealand.

It’s no jumpsuit with sponsor logos, but with four speed settings -- Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro -- it sure can feel like it.

Especially when racing Pro utilises the full power of a 390cc Honda Engine.

You’ll need a license for that. But with a fully indoor track, you’ll earn your speedster stripes in no time. Just like the other professional drifters who frequent Blastacars.

Being at the cusp of action isn’t your thing? Watch it all go down from the deck. Or better. Try your hand (and foot) at the triple screen race simulators.

Now if you’ll excuse us. We need to start assembling our pit crew.

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Ready. Set. Drift Kart.

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